Mission & Values


Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to produce diplomates that are equipped with basic practical exposure built on theoretical knowledge of laws which will enable them contribute meaningfully in the performance of their duties.

Our vision is to develop Paralegal studies into a major course of study that will meet the various needs of organizations, law firms and the courts as it is in advanced nations.


Our Objectives

  • 1. Carry-out legal/administrative services to lawyers in the running of the affairs of their Chambers.
  • 2. Facilitate the establishment of the attorney – client relationship.
  • 3. Empower graduates in the provision of effective support for law enforcement agencies and other institutions involved in the administration of justice.
  • 4. Provide students with a rigorous academic foundation as well as the career – oriented skills necessary to succeed in the legal workplace.
  • 5. Teach students relevant legal materials; and how to effectively conduct legal research.
  • 6. Train law enforcement personnel in the art of law for efficient andeffective service delivery.
  • 1. Provide conditions to exercise the freedom of scientific, cultural, artistic and technological creation.
  • 2. Ensure plurality and free expression of orientations and opinions and promote the participation of all university entities in shared academic life.
  • 3. High ethical standards must guide the actions of the University and its community.
  • 4. Cultivate rigour, transparency and quality, with particular emphasis on recognizing merit.
  • 5. Ensure equal access and treatment, irrespective of gender and social, political, ethnic or religious differences.
  • 6. Eliminate all internal factors that may present disadvantages to citizens with a disability.
  • 7. Care about the personal fulfillment of everyone who belongs to the University.
  • 8. Promote innovation while fostering an environment that stimulates creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • 9. Fight for sustainable environmental, economic and social development.

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