Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Alternative Dispute Resolution is an emerging field with phenomenal growth. This phenomenal growth reflects the rise in the number of professions and industries that have become knowledgeable about dispute resolution and the growing number of success stories associated with the use of alternative dispute resolution. Over crowded court with cases lasting for 20 years and the escalating costs of lawsuits have created a need for viable alternatives to litigation.

Dispute resolution is also no longer performed primarily by attorneys, as it was yesteryears. It is now practiced by an army of commercial firms and individuals, specialists, paralegals, many of whom are not attorneys. At the completion of this Executive Certificate Programme, participant can proceed to register with any of the Institute of Chatered Arbitrations in London, US or Nigeria.

For Whom?

The programme is designed for those who may wish to acquire knowledge in dispute resolution at various levels, ADR knowledge is useful in the Company, Religious Organisation, Home and in the public arena.

  • Degree, HND, ND and other professional certificate holders are eligible.
  • Mature candidates with reasonable experience in business and private enterprises may be considered for admission.
  • Ministers of churches, Mosques, NGOS, and individuals
Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Principles of law
  2. ADR Systems
    • Negotiation
    • Mediation
    • Arbitration
  3. Claims Analysis
  4. Preventive Dispute System
  5. Matrimonial Arbitration
  6. Dispute Engineering
  7. Conflict Resolution
  8. Domestic Arbitration
  9. International Arbitration
Faculty Details
Type Of Course:

Advanced Executive Certificate Course


2 Months

Number Of Seats*:




Tuition Fee

National: N120000

* Information only related to the National Call for Applications

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