Business Law


This is the combination of all the basic aspect of law governing daily business transaction. The main purpose being the familiarization of students with those topics that empower them with the legal knowledge in business.

For Whom?

The course is designed for public and private sectors employees, employers of labour, entrepreneurs, contractors, traders. Individuals desirous of having some knowledge of business law can also apply.

  • Degree, HND, ND and other professional certificate holders are eligible.
  • Mature candidates with reasonable experience in business and private enterprises shall be considered for admission.
Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Principles of law
  2. Business Organizations
  3. Contract - Nature, origin and components
  4. Sale of Goods
  5. Hire Purchase
  6. Agency
  7. Company Law and Practice
  8. Intellectual Property: Patents, Design/ Trademark/ copyright.
  9. Financial Transaction: Banking/Negotiable Instruments
  10. Labour/ Industrial Law
  11. Bankruptcy
  12. Internet Law
  13. International Business Law
  14. Dispute Settlement
  15. Tax Administration.
Faculty Details
Type Of Course:

Advanced Executive Certificate Course


2 Months

Number Of Seats*:




Tuition Fee

National: N120000

* Information only related to the National Call for Applications

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