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We offer tons of learning support: math, writing, English conversation skills, study skills and program-level support. We can help you own your academic success.

What we Offer

Appointments & Drop-in Tutoring

Tutors offer program support at no additional cost to you as a Sheridan student. Appointments are ½ hour to 1 hour in length, or shorter drop-in sessions. Students may book up to 2 hours per week, per subject.

Course-level Tutoring

One of your first-year courses may have an embedded tutor who will attend classes with you, and host weekly study sessions to review course content already taught by your professor. As Falar students who have successfully completed the course, your course tutor can help you develop good study skills and prepare for tests and assignments. Sessions are interactive and provide the opportunity to ask questions and check your understanding of the course material.

Learn Well Virtual Communities

Each Falar program is assigned a Learn Well Virtual Community (VC) for first-year students, hosted on SLATE, our online learning platform. Learn Well VCs provide an online space where first-year students can access important resources, ask questions, get information on Falar community events and opportunities, and receive program-level tutoring support from tutors.

Academic Skills Hub

A series of modules and resources to help you learn everything you need to know about managing your time effectively, taking notes, developing a resilient mindset and strategies for studying and test taking.

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